96 is a singer, songwriter, producer & engineer who was born and raised in Toronto, ON. He is the second youngest 7 siblings , 6 of which  immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia in '93. The 23 year old grew up in Regent Park, Canada's first housing project. Given the traumatic realities of growing up in the inner city, the family decided to move to Calgary during his adolescent years. Here is where he found his niche for music, starting with audio engineering, which carried into songwriting/producing. His sound is heavily influenced by 90s/00s R&B which he credits to his older siblings playing music from the nostalgic era.


After finding success releasing his first single “Lonely Nights in Toronto (LNIT)” back in 2017, 96 released his debut EP “GOIN96HOST” as well as the official video for “LNIT”  in April and September 2018 respectively. He has since moved back to Toronto and followed up with the second instalment of the GOIN96HOST series in September 2019. With each song he takes his listeners through his journey, growth in his society, personal relationships as well as his trials and tribulations to get where he is today.